The Human Life and Music

When we go back to our lessons in the history subject, we can observe that music became one of the best creations man did over the years. It is a form of creativity mixed with soul in an undiluted format. It has a vital role in one’s life. Most of us can express our emotions and feelings through music. It is a kind of tool that help us escape reality like stress remover or pain relief to make us feel healthy. It is like an antianxiety drug that calms us down whenever we feel so down and helpless. It nourishes the mental aspect of life while boosting self-confidence.

A lot of people love music. For them, music is life. As we can observe, music surrounds us every day. Wherever we go, music is there. Example, when we wake up in the morning, and we turn on our radio music is there. When we turn on our television, the different advertisement has music. Music is always there! When we hit the shower, we have the tendency to sing songs that we like or songs that we can relate. That is how influential music is. It is integrated and always associated with our emotions. Thus, we cannot deny that all those marvellous songs ever composed became timeless because of the emotions being portrayed.

In the present time, music was considered  medicine for the soul. It is like a therapy that lets you spend nothing and yet you have enjoyed the therapeutic effect. Indeed, in the field of medicine, music became one of tools for treating a number of individuals suffering from trauma, dementia, dyslexia depression, anxiety disorders and even people with serious depression related to grieving. Children with congenital psychological disorders like poor-coordination, learning disability, and slow cognition are being subjected to music therapy. As a matter of fact, the learning curriculum nowadays for normal children involves music.

Music is part of us, and it significantly affects us. People connect because of their interest in music. Music helps people to relax and be free to all kinds of stress they have in their day to day busy routine. Music can help people to go to places or feel things that they can never feel whenever they are in real life situation. Thus, music is a part of people’s life already that serves a lot of purpose to teach, help, and alleviate sufferings.