What Music Makes Prom Successful


A prom party without music is much more like your favorite dish without salt; it just doesn’t rock. The lack of music can however be excusable and substituted for other fun activities; Bad prom music cannot. The imagination of a nightlong prom party with music that grates on the ears rather than entertain is enough to make many young girls and boys want to convert their sexy prom dresses into house mops and horse saddles.

So, what exactly goes into making a successful prom playlist? Many entertainers agree that there is no aggregate answer to this question. What rocks in Illinois could be noise in California. What is entertaining in a high school prom party could be considered bad logic in a college party. A lot of care therefore has to be taken when making a playlist for the prom.

The selection of music for the prom will generally start with the theme of the party, and what is allowable by the school administration. Some schools are sponsored by religious organization and playing secular music would be a dumb idea. Other schools are very particular about the genres of music to be played during the prom. To make sure you are on the right side of the admin, start by finding out what you can play and what you cannot. After you have cleared this, it will be much easier to select music that rocks and goes with the theme of the prom night.

The music you choose will set the mood of the party. In fact, right from the time the attendees step into the banquet or ballroom, they are greeted by music. As a prom DJ, you need to choose music that will set off the party on a high note; Music that send the masses hitting the dance floor like they were born on it. It is important to set the adrenaline swirling right from the word go. Choose the most danceable music that complements the theme of the prom and you will have earned yourself a few votes for the ‘best prom DJ’.

Timing also plays a very significant role in determining the success of the prom music you play. Music that is best fitted for 3am will not inspire much enthusiasm at 9 pm.

Among the music that is best for prom include

Billboard top 100

Whichever the neighborhood, the music in the US or UK top 100 billboard never fails to rock. Throw in a few jams here and there interspersed with classical and other modern beats that did not do so well at the charts. This way, you will have the party rocking till the early morning hours.

Top Music in Teen Movies and TV Series

Have you checked to find out what the top music in teen movies and tv series is. This is another phenomenal ploy that never fails to rock during the prom party.

Classic Music

Let your prom party revelers reminisce the good old days when music used to be music by giving them some taste from way back.
Classical music rocks everywhere and is highly appreciated by the old and the new generation alike. If you can find the classics with a prom party theme, the better the music will be.

With the music mentioned above, the prom will be hot and unforgettable. But don’t forget to get dresses up in vogue prom dresses which will make the prom even hotter. Check out this link to get more information about the best prom dresses on the internet, provided by the green guide.

How Jazz Was Originated


It’s time to divert ourselves through the jazz music genre! This kind of music has sort of a debatable definition. Some of the jazz performers prefer to use this kind of music with lyrics. However, some also prefers to the tune and pitch of their jazz songs to stand as the medium of their songs. The Owl Trio band produced music from the use of saxophone, bass and guitar. They’re not having lyrics but you can easily detect the feeling they’ve expressed through the rhythm of their songs. The Trippin’ of George Duke is one of the recent jazz songs compiled in his album “DreamWeaver” that had been published freshly in July 17.

Different styles, rhythms, contents (of course) are being released by various jazz performers relying on what is trendy of every era. How this jazz music being started? Jazz is one of the music types in which it originated within the African-American societies in Southern United States on the debatably 20th Century or earlier from that (mayhap, around 19th Century). It had been the combination of European harmony and form and with the existence of African music which had been adopted by the African-American Society. Probably, people can easily identify the African based-music through the worried notes, many rhythms, off-beat tune and improvisation (expressing the inner feelings). In recent days, jazz music has its different types because of the influence of the American popular music and some others. On 1910′s, New Orleans jazz had been popularized with the blue notes, off-tune beating and polyrhythm. Mid -1940′s, Kansas City adopt jazz songs as well as the Gypsy. As it is being introduced to the world, various types of it prevail. Ska jazz, Afro-Culban jazz, Indio, Latin, West Coast are some of the types of jazz music adopted from such certain culture. Soul, ethno jazz, jazz fusion, modal, jazz rock, jazz rap such as “The Party in Here” of George Duke, free jazz and swing are also forms of jazz music. According to James Louis Johnson or commonly known with his nickname J. J. Johnson, United States jazz trombonist, jazz is restless. It won’t stay put and it never will. Trough this idea he contributed, you can merely understand why there are various types of jazz existing in the world.

Through listening to the rhythm, beating and flow of jazz music, you can easily appreciate it. It will help you to relieve from stress and feel the rhythm of every beat the song expresses. This will indulge anybody away from hassle with its exotic rhythm.

The Essence of Music to Children

Music to Children

Music is one of the factors why we have a colorful world. It is through music that people can express their emotions through the melody and lyrics of the song. Therefore, we can really say that music is a powerful tool for communication and in telling the world something that is not uttered by the mouth. There are different genres of music that anyone would love. There are those music which would touch the heart, songs for worship for the Creator and even music which is best for kids to learn. These are all the different kinds of music which became a part of our daily lives, especially in the lives of the children.

As far as we know, there are also relevant reasons why kids must be taught different kinds of songs. Many have said music help children express their emotions and at the same time it will help them develop their mental skills and abilities in memorizing songs. Those children who know different songs are most of the time outgoing and have the guts to express themselves even into public. However, aside from these things, there are some other reasons on why music is really important to children. Check this out and learn!


  1. Music helps children to appreciate the world. When you are going to teach music to children, then you are also teaching them to appreciate the world and every creation that it has. There are songs for kids who teach children to appreciate the world’s wonder and creation. Thus, when you teach your children these songs, you are teaching them to be aware of the things around the world.

  2. Music teaches children to express. As early as possible, children must be taught different songs. This is one way for them to develop their skills in expressing themselves to other people and in order for them to develop confidence in all their works in school. There are also instances where children are able to express their selves through music and that are already a good result of music to children’s lives.

  3. It helps children to be creative. Creativity is a skill but on the other hand it can be learned. If you are going to teach your children songs on their early years, you can be certain that in some point of time, they will develop their own skills in composing their own songs. Children’s emotions must be developed in the early years and one way to do it is through teaching them songs.

How to have instant party lights on a budget?

Animation has always been a form of entertainment. It is technically present in almost anygadget like tablets, mobile phones, laptops and the like, as it can be made, edited, and customized to fit the user’s needs and preferences. Animation breaks the ice and it stops boring moments at work even for just a few minutes. Today, even LED displays can be animated as it can be made to move to any tune. Isn’t it exciting to watch your LED display sway and groove to the music?

Building a LED display that sways with the music can be a daunting task. You need to be careful with the process to connect the right parts and to achieve the right results. Here are the materials that you need to secure for the project: large breadboard, 2 TIP 31c transistors, 8 cheap yet efficient LED’s of your preferred colors from bailedlights.com, plain photo frames (should be bigger than the breadboard for the latter to fit within its inner edges), a female audio jack, insulating tape, soldering equipment, solder, a power adapter or an unused mobile phone charger, tin foil, and audio splitter and male to male cord. You can also prepare screws, power drill, drill bit, hot glue gun and glue and multi-meter in case you will need these while in progress.

First, stack on the frames and breadboard very well in a way that the edges are neatly aligned since this will serve as the covering for the light circuit. Now, work on your adapter by cutting off its plug and start twisting the wires while keeping in mind which wire is positive and negative. Solder the wires to get these into place and so it can be used to plug into the breadboard. After which, create a simple circuit on the breadboard with LED’s arranged neatly around the ends of the board. Test the circuit first before making final arrangements of the LED lights to avoid doing the task again. Make sure that the positive and negative signs of the wires are in correct placements. You can also ask for help in making a simple circuit if your circuit constantly fails.

Cut a tinfoil in accordance to the frame’s shape and place it in the middle of two picture frames with the board on top of it. You can also add oomph to the display by incorporating light gels or plastic packaging materials in between the frames as these can enhance the glow of the LED’s. Make sure that all frames are glued to each other in this step and that the LED lights are working. If everything is good to go, make holes on the lower part of the frames and insert the cords. You now have dancing lights for an upcoming house party without hurting your budget!

The Human Life and Music

When we go back to our lessons in the history subject, we can observe that music became one of the best creations man did over the years. It is a form of creativity mixed with soul in an undiluted format. It has a vital role in one’s life. Most of us can express our emotions and feelings through music. It is a kind of tool that help us escape reality like stress remover or pain relief to make us feel healthy. It is like an antianxiety drug that calms us down whenever we feel so down and helpless. It nourishes the mental aspect of life while boosting self-confidence.

A lot of people love music. For them, music is life. As we can observe, music surrounds us every day. Wherever we go, music is there. Example, when we wake up in the morning, and we turn on our radio music is there. When we turn on our television, the different advertisement has music. Music is always there! When we hit the shower, we have the tendency to sing songs that we like or songs that we can relate. That is how influential music is. It is integrated and always associated with our emotions. Thus, we cannot deny that all those marvellous songs ever composed became timeless because of the emotions being portrayed.

In the present time, music was considered  medicine for the soul. It is like a therapy that lets you spend nothing and yet you have enjoyed the therapeutic effect. Indeed, in the field of medicine, music became one of tools for treating a number of individuals suffering from trauma, dementia, dyslexia depression, anxiety disorders and even people with serious depression related to grieving. Children with congenital psychological disorders like poor-coordination, learning disability, and slow cognition are being subjected to music therapy. As a matter of fact, the learning curriculum nowadays for normal children involves music.

Music is part of us, and it significantly affects us. People connect because of their interest in music. Music helps people to relax and be free to all kinds of stress they have in their day to day busy routine. Music can help people to go to places or feel things that they can never feel whenever they are in real life situation. Thus, music is a part of people’s life already that serves a lot of purpose to teach, help, and alleviate sufferings.